Saturday, October 13, 2007

Old Main

Construction began in 1856 when the institution was known as Bowen Collegiate Institute. The east wing was added in 1875.


Anonymous said...

I visited this college is now maintained by the Delaware County Historical Society as a museum. Beautiful campus! It was well worth the trip.

I would like to know more about what happened when the college shut down. Where did the students go? Did Lenox college enter into an agreement with another college to take on its students and allow them to transfer 100% of their credits so that they could finish out their degrees? Where would a Lenox graduate go today if he or she wanted to obtain a copy of his or her transcript? Are these records maintained at another nearby college? If anyone knows, please leave a comment here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

According to a history written by William R. Ferguson the college grounds were turned over the local school district. In time that became the County Historical Society who has used it as a unique museum area.

Students generally went to other Presbyterian schools such as Coe College, Parsons College, and what is now the University of Dubuque.

Records are housed at the University of Iowa's registrars office. They are the depository of all colleges that have closed. Hope that helps answer some questions.

Two books on this college help. Corbin's "A star for Patriotism" tells of its Civil War history and Ferguson's "The Biography of Lenox College" (available at the museum) tells the later story. Watch out it will get you hooked! By the way it was a two year junior college at the end of its history. That was a precursor to the community colleges of today.