Saturday, October 26, 2013

Farmer's Short Course, January 31-February 4, 1910

Announcement of a short course for farmers on the Lenox College campus from January 31st-February 4th, 1910...appeared in the December 31, 1909 issue of the Iowas State Bystander.

"Hopkinton.—Lenox college will conduct a week's short course in agriculture in connection with the agricultural extension work at Iowa State college at Ames, the dates being fixed from January 31 to February 4, 1910.  This course is particularly designed for the benefit of farmers and young men who are unable to take the full courses In agriculture offered by the State college or the agricultural department of Lenox college. At the same time a domestic science course will be offered for women. The studies for the week will include treatment of all the subjects in elementary and advanced agriculture, as outlined by the extension department:
Dairying, dairy cattle and feeding.
Corn breeding, judging and demonstrations.
Soils and their treatment, fertilization, rotation of crops.
Drainage problems.
Stock breeding—Horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep and hogs.
Domestic science—Selection and preparation of food, sewing, house furnishing, nursing, hygiene and kindred subjects.

Illustrations and actual demonstrations will be made by instructors.

Valuable premiums will be awarded in the corn contest, which will be divided into two divisions. The first division will be confined to contestants who have exhibited or taken prizes in state or international shows.  The second division will be open to amatuer corn growers who have not contested in such exhibitions."

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